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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We celebrated Michaelmas this past Monday with a performance of St. George and The Dragon. 

We had been working with this story all month and it included form drawing and duct tape shield making, storytelling and a little theater - first grade is a lot of fun. 

Dragons were something new to us girls, but fear is  not.  

We all have dragons to face, to slay, to tame and to accept and nurture.  

St. George is a wonderful story of bravely slaying the dragon. The Maiden is just as brave as the Knight, both demonstrating the courage to fight for the happiness and health of others. 

We each took turns playing the three different parts; St. George, The Maiden and the Dragon. 

St. George rides off to find work for a Knight.
St. George meets the brave Maiden who warns him of the Dragon. 

St. George spots the dragon! Fear not Maiden!

St. George is not afraid. 

I am the Dragon. 

He slays the dragon.

Happiness has been won. 

Then we switched roles. Ella looks like she really enjoyed this role the best.

Wishing you and yours a victorious outcome of the slaying your own dragons, of moving inward, and enjoying the change of season.  Michaelmas is a great reminder to what lies ahead of us with the shorter days and longer nights. 

Namaste, Nicole

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