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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Handwork Tuesday - Needle Felting Doll Shirts

I never heard of  handwork until I had children and fell in love with Waldorf education.   Handwork is more than just an art of making useful and beautiful items, it is a treasured gift to our self-confidence.  Not every time of course, I made a wool Autumn Fairy yesterday and it ended up looking like a slice of pizza. I still hung her up and the girls and I agree that it was a nice first try. It felt really good to try and to model that behavior for my children, even when part of me wanted to throw the fairy in the trash and  just say forget it.  Trying doesn't work as well as doing. 

I am glad I did it, it was on my bucket list to do and I anticipate making another fairy soon. 
Ella needle felted three shirts for her thrifted and very well-loved doll (a doll from Germany that substitutes for her American Girl doll fantasies). I refuse to spend a dime on American Girl or any Disney crap.  All of our doll things are handmade or thrifted.  My girls love doll play and I love finding them homeschooling their babes or taking them for a walk in the little pram.    *I think they enjoy the role of their Mama.*   I am glad that Ella is still very much into playing with dolls. She will be seven in a few days. She is happy.  I hear it when she plays the violin and I see it in her everyday. She shines. She is learning to become her own wonder woman by using her head, heart and hands. I have such faith, whereas I attempted at the age of 6 to be Wonder Woman by going out on my parent's front lawn and spinning in circles as fast as I could waiting for something to happen. It was dizzying. 


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  1. Love your posts and seeing your little ones grow!! You are such an awesome mama!!

    Ps: happy fall!!


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