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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lines & Curves

 Tea in Mama's hand and her camera in the other. Baskets and bread in the littles hands and we set off to look for lines and curves on our Morning Walk. 

Each time we visit this playground we collect pinecones to make our winter solstice spiral. 

The girls and I are enjoying our new Fall rhythm of taking morning walks. It is a nice exhale for us after our busy morning of preparing for the day. Ella and Vivian have their five "Morning Do's" : make beds, brush teeth and hair, feed cat/birds/chickens and set the table.  I make the breakfast and do my morning chores (list too long to put here).  My husband makes the coffee and the tea and empties the dishwasher. I love that.  He rocks. He does all the chicken chores too. Our mornings are calm and busy and joyful.  This start of the new homeschool year is inspiringly so much better than last year when we experienced  the flood.  We are still finding traces of the flood -physically and emotionally. In the photo below the girls and I  found a pasta lid stuck in the bank. Kind of like the worry that is forever stuck in my mind when it rains hard.  I am working on that, I am actually doing a lot of inner work following Steiner's eight fold path.  I am really enjoying this book, have you read it?  I am happy to start fresh and say goodbye to this past year. I ended a toxic relationship with my extended family, my sister was violently murdered, I helped my cousin sign adoptions papers for her kids, and I spent hours in prison visiting her and loving her,  and then there were my dreams that I had for a homeschool resource center that fell through. It was a rough year which reminds me why I wrote this post: lines and curves. Life can seemingly go so smoothly and then BAM you hit a bump in the road and your world is changed forever. Sometimes it's just a small bump and you get back on track, sometimes it takes every tool you have to make it through. I made it through, I am back on track.  

Namaste, Nicole

Rest in Peace Kimmyan. 


  1. I am so sorry for your rough year... Many positive thoughts, energies and prayers sent to you! (even though I'm just a random person who reads your blog!!!)


  2. I had wondered about you his year...I always enjoy reading your posts. Praying for a peaceful new year for you!

  3. Autumn, I don't think you are random at all. I think you are a blessing! Thanks for reading my blog. :)


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