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Friday, September 21, 2012

Beautiful Homeschool Gathering

Just add homeschoolers to Graeme Park and see what happens! Magic!

A mother said to her boy, "I've asked you to come five times now, you will loose screen time if you don't come right now." The boy replied "oh Mom, this is much better than screen time." 

last few days of being six

Colonial band-aid - Lamb's Ear

Loving the barn cats. 

Great story about Philadelphia and Black Beard.

We have been enjoying the most beautiful weather in Pennsylvania this September. A few days ago we met up with other homeschooling families and celebrated colonial times, childhood and a pleasant start to a new beginning.  

The girls and I have been doing lessons for three weeks now, and there are three words to describe our time together; beautiful, calm and fun. I choose the Christopherous first grade curriculum and I am in love! The girls are happy and eager in the morning to start our day. We've melted easily into our new rhythm and being homes feels really good. Happy First Day of Autumn.

Namaste, Nicole

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