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Monday, September 10, 2012

A Late Summer's Walk

We had no idea that we were going to find cows on our hike through some nearby 100 acre woods. It was quite a lovely surprise. They were beautiful, and very interested in us. The sky was the perfect blue and the cows nose and lips were the perfect pink. Vivian loved talking about the cheese, milk and butter the cows make for us, she had such reverence for the thought of such yummy food, those cows were very special to her. Ella felt grossed out about it and just rather not think about it. She however reveled in walking through the greenwood with her baby.  "Follow, Follow, Follow Me." It is a song we like to sing. I enjoyed both their perspectives and later on we enjoyed some ice cream, all different flavors of course, I choose Butter Pecan. 



  1. So happy to see you around!! :)

  2. Cows rule! Our neighbour is running his cows in the field that adjoins ours so we are seeing them quite a bit at the moment, I always forget how massive they are! Our future plans include a cow (or 3) but not quite yet! Lovely to see what you are up to : )


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