Waldorf In The Home

Monday, September 26, 2011


On Thursday morning, September 7th, Tropical Storm Lee flooded homes in the wee hours of the morning. We awoke to our door bell ringing, our neighbor clearly in a panic, the water was chest high surrounding our homes.
Our basement filled with 42 inches of water and the perimeter of our house was between 3 feet to 12 feet of water. I did not photograph the actual flood because we were in a crisis mode.
 One of our cars was completely submerged in the water, and the other filled to its dashboard.  Cars were floating on the street. The smell of gas permeated the air.

The chicken coop floated away and it was found on its side with very wet chickens in it, we were surprised to find them alive. You can see the water line on the coop.

Clean up began the moment we were heard the doorbell and continues to this day.

 The Mud Kitchen is closed. The soil is contaminated and we were advised from the board of health not to touch it.
This is the culvert that runs through our  yard. The water level rose 12 feet, however it was the run off land water and overflowing sewers that flooded our homes from all four directions.
 A bridge crossing the culvert didn't withstand the strength of the water. The water came at 3:25 in the morning and was gone (beside the basement water) by 5 AM.  It was dark, scary and dreadful.
 Items  from our yard and neighbors yards ending up in the left hand corner of my yard which is the lowest point of the culvert. Trash was everywhere. Heavy tree stumps floated away as if they were autumn leaves. 
 The amount of water that traveled past our house was unimaginable. Knowing that there was nothing that I could do but watch with Ella and Geir, while Viv slept made me feel vulnerable and  short  of breath. 
Morning time came, and I grabbed my camera and captured the heart ache.


This flood wasn't easy to get through, and yet knowing that people have lived through worst.only upsets me more.  I am tired, all of us are. I am grateful for loved ones, neighbors and friends for helping us all through this mess. If this little girl's face doesn't say it all, then I don't know what does.