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Monday, December 19, 2011

Corner of My Home - Kitchen

As Winter Solstice approaches, we have been busy slowing down. The cheerios garland is completed, as well as our beautiful finger knitted garland but there's still the popcorn and cranberry garland, dried apples, oranges…

The birds are going to be happy, the tree is going to look beautiful and the house is going to smell wonderful. Perfect handwork for all that anticipation that is building up inside the children this time of year. The tree stands bare and proud and later tonight, a little Gnome will hang beautiful, sparkling lights on the tree. The girls and I are making star candle holders with the cans in the photo. We filled the cans up with water and placed them in the freezer. Tomorrow, when the cans are fully frozen we are going to design them with stars and suns by using a hammer and a nail. Once that is finished, we will place them in the sun to melt and reflect the sun's beautiful old rays. As soon as the ice has melted away they will be ready for a candle and we will place them in our new spiral. Earlier today we made our first Advent Spiral outside - it was nice to work with the earth and the gifts from nature to make something so magical...I can't wait until we light our candles and share this beautiful ritual that teaches us to embrace both the light and the darkness.

What is happening in a corner in your home?

Namaste, Nicole


  1. I love your posts!

    happy holidays! :)

  2. oh!
    why do you fill the cans with ice?

  3. Thank you Autumn!

    I fill the cans with ice because when we go to hammer the cans, they wont dent - but make a nice clean hole for the light to shine through -- or so is the theory....

    I will share some photos after we are finished.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind words.


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