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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Watercolor Tuesday - Glorious Brown

An early morning bike ride

on a warm November day.



Vivian found a treasure trove of pine cones.

Click photo to see them all

She refers to them  as "pine corns"  - and do not tell her otherwise as she will tell you that "you are wrong and that you just forget," and then she will say "that is the truth."


It was enchanting to sit in the warm morning sun while they  played,...away from the creek. I read for a while, had fun with my camera and took in the immense beauty that we were surrounded in.

Our hearts are heavy that our creek water is not safe. 

 I hope that the officials that are elected tonight will repair Cheltenham's sewer system and gain control of the storm waters.


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  1. Oh, Layla used to call them pine corns, too. How quickly they grow.


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