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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Thoughts

It is still hard to imagine that the floodwater reached up past my bird feeder in our backyard. Just beyond this point the water reached 9 feet high. A lot of my thoughts are still about he flood. We do our best not to talk anymore about the flood in front of the kids, they are tired of it. We are too,  it just seems hard to get past it when there are still things to do. Our heating ducts will be cleaned this week. We are slowly getting back into a happier rhythm. What happened to my neighbors and I that night wasn't an Act of God - it was negligence of the township that we live in. Clean up is just about finished, now it is time to make all the wrongs right and rest. The township hasn't heard the last of me. I believe most Activists are not happy people, I certainly did not feel happy at any of the townships meetings. They make my heart pound and my hands sweat.  It is not my job to fix the flood and sewage problem - far from any calling I want to be a part of but yet on that night when it all that dirty water came dumping onto my house - it became my job. I just got to find that balance......to live a happy life and insist that the township fix the problem.



  1. I have been thinking of you.

    I am happy to see you post :)

  2. I am glad that things are getting back to a happier rhythm for you and your family! I want to say, I am an activist and I am a very happy person! I think because it makes me so happy to try to elicit change in whatever small way I am able.

  3. Take a deep breath, gird your strength and kick their arses. This should not happen to anyone and those responsible have to know it can never happen again. I wish you luck in your righteous quest, know you are right. Take care xxx

  4. Thank you for such encouragement. And Carrie - I have thought a lot about what you said - and I am really enjoying learning about those 99'ers!

    Power to the Mamas!


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