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Friday, October 28, 2011

Playing in the Backyard Again.....

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It was the perfect Autumn Day today.
 Our first fall bonfire.
 Her name is Woodstock.
The garden is still giving....
She always finds a flower.

 a clue

like a gnome passing through
wished we had grown our own
 This is Nancy.
yin and yang 

boiled wool

All smiles...Flower Girl loves Vivian.

Feels wonderful to be in our backyard again, although we are treading lightly. We still do not want to eat the hens eggs yet. We will in due time, maybe after a deep freeze. Geir winterized the chickens coop tonight, we had small bonfire, and only noticed small clues from the flood. 

Cheltenham Township in Pennsylvania needs to fix their 90 year old sewer system and stop polluting our creeks and homes and playgrounds. They need to manage storm water to avoid homes being destroyed or damaged by flood waters and they need a better 911 response system. I never want to go through that again and we shouldn't have to. All floods are man-made, let's hope that they can undo the damage and make it right for the residents of Cheltenham Township, and eh,  I can go back to my job as a full time mother.

Namaste, Redbeet Mama

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  1. that is your backyard!?

    holy crow!
    so jealous!


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