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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Act 1 - Cinderella

I have been reading the Brothers Grimm Cinderella fairytale to the girls for the last eight weeks and it has had some magical workings on my little ones. Ella is so interested in the girl with the gray frock. She is absorbed with the wonder of being the lowly one. We found a gray dress at a thrift store and she scissored up a no sew "ugly" apron. Ta-da! She even insisted on getting dirty with soot.

 The girls re-enactment was not staged or deliberately set. I took the girls lead one morning when everything just seem to fall into place. Ella helped her dad build a fire, which reminded her of the apron and the gray frock ...and Viv was happy to have a silver and gold dress showered on her (from our dress up stash) or so it seemed... 

 ...she did not think sitting pretty in a carriage was as fun as sweeping the fire place. Ella tried to convince her otherwise, but she didn't get far. I agree with Vivian - it is much more fun to act out wickedness than to be beautiful and a bit boring. 

Ella showed no desire to be the pretty Cinderella either.

I suggested that Vivian could be the evil step-mother and with that she became very happy and well, evil. 

She took her part very seriously and threw lentils into the ashes  with promises of allowing Cinderella to the feast, that's if she picks two plates of lentils out of the ashes.

I just sat there, speechless, camera in hand and the girls word for word went about acting out the story. I am amazed that Ella can recite Cinderella's pleas, as we do not discuss the story or recite it. We simply read it over and over again, and they never tire of hearing it.

"Ye gentle doves, Ye turtle doves, and ye little birds under heaven, come, come and help me."

It is times like  this that make me even more convinced of Waldorf education.

Vivian got to boss around her big sister, and I think she needed that outlet. So as I continue to protect the little ones from the harsh realities of our real world and maintain their  dreamy state of consciousness,  I love that they are exposed to the complexities of our world through fairytales. 


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