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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Handwork Thursday - Violin

 Ella had her first violin recital today. I didn't take photos of her - I just wanted her  to enjoy herself and for all of us to be fully present. It was a lovely experience for her Dad, sister and myself. We love Ms. Tara and we think it is really cool that she teaches us the magic of learning music. Vivian just may become a singer/song writer while Ella dreams of fiddling like Pa. Our family have all undertaken a musical instrument. I am learning to play the pan flute. It is great breath work, and a wonderful way to exhale. Geir plays guitar and is  rebuilding  a  Telecaster  under Ella and Vivian's "guidance". Homeschooling rocks! 

So along with handwork, (Ella has been diligently cutting out old fashion paper dolls, and Viv is working on zippers) the girls spend time with Ms. Tara on Thursday afternoons. She comes to our home and we feel so blessed for this musical arrangement.

Friday is our Blessing day, although everyday is a blessing, the girls and I  prepare the house for the weekend with Dad, (and they are really into cleaning these days as we are reading the Grimm's brother's Cinderella) we finish up or  catch up on projects, try something new or just go with the flow.  I like our new autumn rhythm, we are slowly moving inward, looking for warmth inside and finding peace at the end of the day with a hot cup of  tea. Lately, I have been sneaking into the girls bedroom at night to watch them sleep, and it feels as though I can almost see them grow right there before my eyes. I kiss  their velvety, warm, red cheeks and know that they will never be this young again. I am proud to be their Mother, and one of their teachers - it is fun growing old.


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