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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goddess Wednesday - Six Times Around The Sun

Like Mother, like Daughter, Ella's wishes for her 6th birthday was to walk to our favorite local Chinese restaurant, eat fried rice, cookies , ice cream, drink tea, sing Happy Birthday and eat chocolate cake  with all of those who love her the most on this side of the Atlantic Ocean. We had a joyful celebration.

I love you Ella. My hopes and dreams for you is to feel your self worth everyday, to radiate kindness to others and to live your life passionately. 

You are my Sunshine. May all your wishes come true. (but, eh you can forget the horse). 

Love, Mom

PS. Always remember to take time to celebrate your inner Goddess at least once a week. It will keep you grounded, I promise.


  1. Happy birthday Ella! Love that picture of her all by herself with her birthday hat on. She's glowing :)

  2. Happy birthday to Ella! Sammy also recently celebrated his sixth birthday. I always love your Goddess Wednesday posts. :)

  3. Happy Birthday to little one!!

    I can tell that your kiddos are so sweet and well behaved out to dinner, as I am sure that they are everywhere else! It is so nice to see! I am a teacher and am far to used to children running around and doing whatever the heck they want! haha

    You are a fabulous mama!

  4. Thank you - she is my pride and joy - so is my other one.

    Peace and Light to you all!


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