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Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Autumn Walk

Africa? perhaps not. Longwood Gardens, but to Ella and Viv this is where Mary and Laura lived, on the Prairie,... of course. Due to the lack of house and barn Vivian suggested that "maybe their house got flooded." Maybe, I told her.  Maybe. Ella just snickered.

we breathed in the vastness


older than all of us added together
we walked 
passing  a pretty green
the leaves are falling very gently
finding beauty
every day that I wake up
two colors like young and old
walking in pearls at age 3 
happy in our hats and our hearts
and loving the feeling of fall...
hand in hand
swaying gently in the wind
feeling safe and loved
and the constant flow of good energy.
                                       walking is magical
may our feet walk in the right paths

It takes time to be a child, so we took a long walk through the Prairie and into the forest at Longwood Gardens. This new season brought about so many new changes, it feels nice to take a break and let it all sink in. I love how we all feel when we are outside surrounded by beauty. Everything is another year older. I feel nostalgic maybe even a little sad about not having to own a double stroller,  I miss pushing my littles around, enjoying the quiet ...,and yet there is a huge part of me that is basking in the freedom of having two capable little walkers. My job is no longer to push but to keep up. 

Enjoy your weekend - whatever you do. 


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