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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Watercolor Tuesday - Blue & Yellow

My camera is on the blitz! It only shoots when it wants to shoot.I think I am going to have to pack it up and send it off - which makes me terribly sad.  This photo makes up for it though, that is my Ella soon to be 6. 

Gosh, I love her. 

Namaste, Nicole


  1. Wow. What a beautiful photo of a beautiful little girl. Frame it!

  2. Is Ella drinking a lemon? Super cute photo.

  3. Hope your camera gets better soon because you sure take a fabulous photo . Now following xx Ava

  4. Thank you Ava - I am blushing as I just came back from your blog and if I do say so myself - life through your lens is pretty awesome.

    Love & Light, Nicole


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