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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Our First Lemonade Stand - Lemonade Sisters!

Ahh success feels so, uh, tiring. I am puckered out. Yesterday the girls sold their first cup of lemonade.  Today all they could talk about was how to expand. They have imagined selling apple muffins, ice cream and possibly offering a cafe. They dream big. I think we'll stick to lemonade for now.  This was a wonderful event for all of us. I had to learn to step back and let Ella take charge - I was just a helper. She came up with the list of supplies, how the signs were to be designed and how much to charge. Ok so I wouldn't let her charge five dollars a cup but instead convinced her that 50 cents was fair. The logistic for me was to buy earth friendly-affordable cups,  give in and buy powdered lemonade (real lemonade just wasn't in the budget) and to  facilitate. We used what we had only buying the cups, pitchers, pretzels and the mix. Vivian had the responsibility to wake up from her nap and happily discover the lemonade stand --- and not fall into the trap that we did every thing without her. She jumped right on board and soon realized that she was about to have a ton of lemonade, er, I mean... fun at her and Ella's lemonade stand. 

It is moments like these that I dreamed of as a child what a Mother was and how badly I wanted to be one.  I am so blessed that I am living that dream - a dream defined by me. You see, I dreamt big too. Watching my daughters  glow in their sweet & sour & salty moment made my heart sing and defined the true meaning of success for me. 

How do you define success in motherhood?

Namaste, Nicole


  1. How absolutely precious. I hope they sell a lot more. Blessings.

  2. I think it wonderful that YOU define success as being a mommy.. so many people measure success now-a-day by how many friends, or how much popularity or money they have, even in their adult years. That makes me so mad! When will they grow up and realize that their success shines through their precious little ones?

    Good for you Redbeet Mama!

    .. I hope that I am pregnant soon and will be able to measure my success through my family :)

  3. I love your lemonade stand! We live in a neighborhood and I cannot believe I have let the Summer nearly slip by without having a lemonade stand in the front yard! (I grew up on a farm and while I loved it, I also had to be content with selling lemonade to my uncles when they came home for lunch/dinner.) I am going to look at doing this for a couple day, maybe on a weekend when there's lots of car traffic. :D

    I am going to have to ruminate on what success is for me. I am in limbo between wanting to be 'perfect' and feeling overwhelmed by what it takes. I've been struggling with anxiety recently (thankfully it is getting better!) and that has exacerbated that feeling of being overwhelmed. It can be hard to look at all the lovely blogs, and not feel inadequate. Of course, that has nothing to do with the blogs, and everything to do with ME.

    If we do end up having a lemonade stand, I will let you know.


  4. Thank you Jen. :)

    Autumn - sending you baby dust!
    Pink and blue!

    Carrie, ahhh those lovely blog blues. Well, I forgot to mention that I promised this lemonade stand for two years. I guess that is why I felt successful too. Everything is a process some take longer than others. We started out with buying the supplies, making the signs,... I stretched it out over the week - I think that helped me a lot. Your memories are sweet - we had a car full of pre-teens on their way to the Taylor Smith concert....fun!
    Success isn't a measurement but rather a feeling - you know that feeling - the ones that you forever remember - just like your lemonade stand - selling to your Uncles. We are all ready successful we just have to realize and honor those moments. Right?

  5. So fun! And those pretzels look amazing!

  6. So fun! And those pretzels look amazing!

  7. Your girls look exquisite , so pretty and so very happy. You must be a wonderful mother xx Ava

  8. Nicole, this link might be of interest to you as it is a free webinar about herbal strategies for dealing with fibromyalgia. Hope it is useful.

  9. Thank you for thinking about me! Although I didn't see the link? I can send you some pretzel love - let's exchange something?

    Ava - as far as being a wonderful mother - I wouldn't go that far - but thank you all the same :).


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