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Monday, August 29, 2011

Corner of Our Hearts - Rebuilding Our Yard

 We will rebuild! A few trees along with some bird houses fell down during the worst wind of Hurricane Irene. We began this morning painting these beautiful new bird houses and feeding stations. The little ones then turned their focus to the washed out fairy houses as Geir and I assessed and did a swoop of the yard. My heart felt heavy.  After a while, we took a break and went for a ride to purchase a chain saw and a wood chipper and to grab a bite to eat.

 Sadly, our yard lost its forest and now looks like a jungle. I will feel much better after we plant some pine trees in honor of the trees that we lost and fall in love all over again. Our work is all cut out for us and  in the end we will have good fire wood for the winter and plenty of  much needed mulch for our garden beds. 

We have a lot more to do and we are very thankful that we are safe and can make things better and ah,....I can add woodcutter to my resume now.

Be well, Nicole


  1. So sorry about your damage. But, so glad that you are safe!

  2. Sorry you lost trees but glad you are all ok. I love how stained and "used" your painting boards are - ones like that are my favorite. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear you are all okay, but I'm sorry to hear about your beautiful trees. I hope you are able to recover quickly!

  4. Hmmm, by recover, I was referring to your yard. That wasn't meant to undermine your feelings of sadness, which as I hit submit, realized is how it may have come across.

  5. So sad for you guys : ( But perhaps this is an opportunity? You could consider some edible planting, perhaps fruit and nut bushes and trees that will benefit both you and your wild friends. It would be a nice way to reclaim something sad and make it a new place for you : )


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