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Monday, August 15, 2011

Corner of My Home Home - Braids by Dad

There is something so special about brushing and braiding my childrens hair.  A deep connection is made; the girls know that they have our full attention. I love this chore and what I love even more is that Dad helps out too. In fact, he makes the prettiest braids for the girls and they just adore them. Sometimes, in the evening I like to place a few drops of lavender oil in palm of my hand and rub it ever so gently on their scalp and hair - it is a pleasant experience for the both of us and the sleepy scent lingers on throughout the night invoking sweet dreams. A nice alternative to a hot, scented bath during these steamy, summer nights. 

How are you keeping cool and calm this summer in your corner of the world?

Namaste, Nicole


  1. you don't find too many daddys who can braid hair or will do it. Yay for your hubby and his braids are perfect. I wish I had that talent.


  2. I love this. My dad used to do my ponytail when I was little, I will always remember that. My daughter braided my hair the other day, it felt very special indeed!

  3. What a great Daddy!! Your girls are blessed.

    How am I staying cool? Staying home and in the A/C or the pool (although it really feels like lukewarm bathwater at this point)!! It was 104 at 8:15 this evening...and that's actually an improvement over the last few weeks.

  4. Love this post! I so love getting braids too. My older daughter has super curly hair like me and it is often a struggle to brush it out. I keep at it though and she will let me good friend braid her hair...hopefully someday she will let me.

  5. Thank you for the love. Having your hair brushed is BLISS!

    Shine on,

  6. You always have such excellent tips! My daughter won't let me near her with a comb or brush....the lavender just might be the trick!


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