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Saturday, August 20, 2011

American Indian Festival

We needed a day out of the house so we took a ride up to Allentown and attended the Roasting Ear of Corn Festival. We arrived at high noon for the opening ceremony. It was HOT. 

We found a cozy spot in the shade and listened to the drums while waiting for the dancers. The music was phenomenal, it was a sound that you felt and not just heard - very meditative.  Vivian wanted to be held most of the time,  she is very sensitive to noise. Did I mention that it was very hot?

Click to enlarge photos.
Walking around in the hot blazing sun wasn't ideal but there were pretty things to look at. We browsed through quickly, buying only two spirit feathers for the girls. Had I not been carrying all our water, camera bag, purse and blanket  while holding a sticky, sweaty hand- I might  have wanted to shop more. Vivian did not want to shop at all. 

But she liked exploring, when someone wasn't carrying her. 

It was soon back in the shade for us to watch a truly spirited dance. 

They did this on their own, I just captured it. 

Next year, we will go closer to the evening. 



  1. So glad you enjoyed yourselves. The pictures of the girls are beautiful.

  2. love that last pic, what a special moment you captured of your girls.

  3. Thank you. They played "Indian" all day. We made drums, it was worth the trip.


  4. your girls are getting big! I like to watch/read their adventures!



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