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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Water Color Tuesday - A Handmade Vase

It seems as we never have enough vases in the house to accommodate my two little flower pickers. Ella and I  found inspiration in creating a vase  using items that what we already have in the house.

Maybe you'll be inspired too! Here is what you'll need:
  • an upcycled large glass jar
  • dried flowers from your garden (I made a flower press from card board) 
  • clear packing tape
  • twine (nice but not necessary)
  • fresh flowers
  • scissors

Now you are ready to give it a go.

Encourage  your little one to smooth out the packing tape over the dried flowers and then let what ever happens happen. Creating should be joyful  - for the real beauty lies in the creator - a sense of admiration of ones self is a special gift and easy to honor. Stepping back and letting the little ones do it their way is sometimes difficult for me but it has been great practice to step back and bit my tongue. In the end Ella's vase radiates love and happiness - my vase is content and perhaps a little boring.   

I made my dried flower vase a few weeks back and it inspired Ella to make one just like mine. I had a packet of dried flower stickers in my desk for at least twenty years and I never knew where to stick them -- until this year. 

Imitation is the best form of flattery - except when  your daughter tells your husband "to get the hell down stairs, Mom needs you." Yes, I am guilty as charged. I might have said out loud that I wish he'd get the hell down here!  Sorry. Perfection isn't my aim - calm and joy is really what I am after. I need to delete hell from my vocabulary to achieve that and enjoy our pretty new vases.

Now it is time to put some water and color into my vase and rinse my mouth with soap.

Love & Light, Nicole


  1. Beautiful vases! I love your story too, the other day my eldest called my youngest 'a little bugger'. Wonder where he picked that up from? Oooops.

  2. How beautiful Nicole! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea:)

  3. hahaha! Hilarious! We all slip from time to time! :)

    happy tuesday!

  4. wow, what a great idea! so pretty!!!

  5. Great idea! I always save glass jars, now I know what we can do with a few of them! Going to try this for sure!


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