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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gratulerer med dagen Geir!

We celebrated my husband's birthday by taking a road trip up to New Hope - in search for a really cool hat and a good time. We drove with the windows down, our hair blowing wildly as we sat and listened to the wind.  It felt so good  to feel the wind and sun on our face.  A quite ride in the countryside to celebrate Dad's birthday was just what we needed after a loud and fun-filled Independence Day.  The girls shopped for handmade anklets and incense (to keep the mosquitoes away) and they were thrilled with  their big girl purchases. However, their favorite part of the day was feeding the ducks and swans on the Delaware River with their Dad. 

....and Geir found a really cool hat for his birthday.... soon I will capture a photo of him wearing it. (He didn't feel like posing tonight.)

I love you Babe, Nicole


  1. Sounds like a great, and relaxing, time! Looks so peaceful from the pics... I love anywhere that has water :)

  2. I want you to know how much I enjoy reading your posts.

    I love seeing your little girls and how you raise them. I am hoping to be a mommy someday soon and your posts make me realize even more what a treat I am in store for! :)


  3. We are always drawn to the water for celebrations.

    Thank you for you kind, kind words.
    Motherhood for me is a dream come true.

    Many blessing to you both.



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