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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Could it be that all my pain and fatigue came from dehydration? It is looking pretty good as I have been drinking about 4 ounces of water every half hour for the last few days and I am on my second day of being pain free.  Today I googled these two words  hydration and fibromyalgia and my  experience was validated.  Please click here to read what I found.   My doctor never suggested that I may be dehydrated, a friend on facebook did! Thanks for taking the time Marc! And yes, my husband always tells me to drink water...I am sorry thatI didn't listen sooner. This totally blows my mind.

If it turns out that this wasn't my cure all I am still glad that today I am pain free and hopeful.

Bottoms Up!


  1. Have you looked into drinking diluted apple cider vinegar? It seems to be a great cure all and gut balancer. Worth a shot to add a few drops to your water and see if it helps... Kristy :)

  2. I'm really hoping this is a long term helper for you, it certainly isn't doing your health any harm to be drinking plenty. Have you looked into B12 deficiency at all? When I was looking into the symptoms of what turned out to be pernicious anemia (the inability to process B12, I now take injections) I noticed it crossed over a lot with fybromyalgia, I also notice that certain symptoms for me are hormonal and get worse at certain points in my cycle. It might be worth charting your experiences so that you can see if there are any commonalties.

    Sending healing hugs, Emma x

  3. Oh Nicole, I am so sorry to hear that you are in pain. Please know that I am here thinking of you. I read something not along ago that for some reason immediately brought you to mind:

    "What is a blessing? A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal, and strengthen." This is from a book entitled To Bless the Space Between Us by John O'Donohue. Like I say I'm not really sure why I thought of you, but I did...the universe works in mysterious ways I suppose.

  4. Kristy - I don't think I could stomach apple cider - but thank you.

    Emma - all tests came back better than normal :). I have been pain free for seven days now - I haven't felt this good in years. Our bodies are such a mystery.

    Mariann - I have a big smile on my face thanks to you. You are a blessing!

    Love & Light!

  5. You don't need a ton of apple cider vinegar, just a teaspoon in a large glass of water works for me. I put a teaspoon in my dog's water bowl too for his health and he doesn't mind.

  6. So glad to hear your body is pain free, that is such a blessing. Keep looking after yourself you lovely goddess : )

  7. Thats great, lets hope it really is that simple. A book you may like all about dehydration our paramount need to be properly hydrated is "Cellular Awakening" by Barbara Wren. It has a section on techniques such as castor oil packs, and mustard foot baths and a hydration tea. One of my favourite books


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