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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watercolor Tuesday - Pastel Petals

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It is winsome to be able to touch what is beautiful. We gathered a ceramic pot with cold water, bunches of hydrangeas and played with the petals in the cool , calming water.

Nurturing our senses and taking delight in what is already there. So simple yet I have to be mindful of it or it slips by.  I overheard Ella saying to her friend the other day "my Mom only likes calm things." That is mostly true. Cool water and pretty petals on a hot day is calming which made the littles such a joy to be around. Wink.



  1. Gorgeous. What a nice calming activity.

  2. Beautiful, great idea! Thank you for sharing. Love the littles' comments. :)

  3. So inviting and beautiful!


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