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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hopscotch Thursday - Handmade

My grandmother gave us a pretty pile of fabrics and I decided to  hand stitched these cute hopscotch markers.I filled them with little shiny pebbles - they are fun and pretty and feel good to  hold. 

Then we set off with our chalk and I drew the hopscotch board. I learned from my past experience with this game was that I was drawing the board to big - so a small tip - make the board child sized. 

We then decided on who would go first. I felt it was only fair to let Ella go first since she had two boo-boo toes. 

Brilliant and fun. (motor skills, counting, waiting your turn, dexterity,... )
  Click here to learn how to play. 

Vivian was napping while we played hopscotch - Ella was in heaven having  me all to herself. I was feeling pretty good too. 

What do you do for summer time fun?

Namaste, Nicole


  1. I love your blog! We have been filling our summer days with plenty of sandbox and kiddie-pool fun, plus outings to the farm to pick berries etc. --Lauren Kindle

  2. Today for summertime fun, we had a picnic on the porch. Caitlyn wasn't interested but we had lunch outside anyway.

  3. Hi there! Love your blog! I've been surfing for inspiring blogs and found yours to be just that :)

    Our summers are filled with hiking, swimming, kayaking, geocaching, and more... we are very outdoorsy!

    I will be back to

  4. Those are wonderful! Sophie loves hopscotch but we have always just used pebbles for the markers. Why did I never think of this? Thanks and blessings.

  5. that's the prettiest hopscotch board i have ever seen:) xoxoxoxo

  6. Thanks for the love. I am so happy to share thoughts with people who find happiness in everyday life - and celebrate the magic of the seasons.

    We are really enjoying our hopscotch.



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