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Monday, June 6, 2011

Corner of My Home -- Butterfly Tent in Our School Room

 The day before the photo was taken these chrysalises were five fuzzy little caterpillars.
 We (I) took them out and cleaned off the silk then hung them up in their tent and waited. Ella is being very brave in this photo as you can tell by her face I told her to smile.
 Today was the day - to our surprise! If this photo was a video you could see  one of the butterflies hatch right in front of your eyes.It was thrilling. 
 Vivian prepared the sugar water and she thought it tasted it great. We sprinkled this sweet water on the flowers that Vivian picked from our garden . Then we  added it to the butterfly tent.
 These Painted Ladies are not flying yet, but perhaps they will spread their wings tonight. We will release them in our garden in a few days and we plan to purchase more caterpillars as we all found this experience to be amazing and fun.
Namaste, Nicole


  1. Oh how amazing! I can only imagine what wonder to experience the transformation. A.MAZ.ING!

  2. We did this last year, it was an amazing experience. We learned a lot and it was super fun!

  3. OH HOW FUNNY....our butterflies just hatched a few days ago too! I am going to post about them today! Great minds think alike my darling!!

    Enjoy the magic!!! xoxo

  4. What an incredible thing. The girls must have been so excited!

  5. I felt that I taught them to believe in magic - rather than a science project. Totally cool.

    Thanks for the love.

    Namaste, Nicole


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