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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Stretching Her Wings

Vivian has spent many afternoons watching her Big Sister in ballet class.  I promised her that when she turned three she could go to ballet too. Being true to my word off she went without as much as turning back to get a reassuring kiss.
  She was thrilled with the experience and exclaimed "I told you Mom, I can do it, and you didn't know that." I am so silly. It's true. She is my little bird - who likes to twirl.  She gave me a kiss later - out of the blue, I knew what is was for. She is stretching her wings and I am letting her.

I love you Viv!


  1. Oh I loved this!
    What a great moment. Must've made you a little sad though...your baby is growing up.
    Love the ballet bag too...I remember that bag!

  2. Thank you Traci. Yes, I had no idea that that bag would become my daughter's ballet bag.

    It is very hard to slow down when children grow up so fast.

    I am not sad at all - I think my true calling is for three and older!


  3. And that's what wings are for......to be stretched. She looks so adorable in her little leotard.


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