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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goddess Wednesday - Sun Tea

I made a delicious Earl Green Tea blended with Bergamot and Roses. It was Bliss. Today the sun was bright and hot. I gladly wore a flowy bra-less dress  and  a hat and enjoyed many simple pleasures of life. A glass of iced-Tea and some time to think about things like living Goddesses. What does google consider a living Goddess. I wondered. Here is what I found, please click the link to watch this very intense documentary  http://youtu.be/lxCbhJve6Ks. 

I will pray for Kumari and I hope you will too. I am grateful that I have the freedom to define what a goddess means to me. I am enjoying my idea of a goddess - I hope you are too.

Namaste, Nicole


  1. Hey Nicole, thanks for this little slice of serenity in my slightly fraught morning! Ah the challenges that toddlers bring to our lives ...

    I like the question you ask about being a goddess. I think the term has been so diminished by a commercial view of the world. It is about what shampoo you use or shaving your legs, all very dull. For me finding the goddess was about the huge mental shift that the divine was female, that she moves through the world and is present in everything. She is a tidal wave and a shoot coming out of the earth. As women we too represent the many faces of the goddess in each moment and phase of our lives.

    When I think of embodying the goddess in my life it is about striving to work harder, represent justice in the world, speak truthfully and live truthfully and aim to empower other women around me.

    Sorry for the overly long answer, I could write reams on this topic!

  2. It is very interesting what different definitions the word Goddess means. I love your definition - powerful yet still stays true to her femininity.

    The silliest goddess image is the commercial of a woman washing her hair - I think it is Herbal Essensce - and it seems as though a man is no longer needed after that shower. Hah, ha.

    I still need my man.

    Love & light, Nicole


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