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Friday, May 20, 2011

Frugal Friday - Holly Hobbie

Holly Hobbie will be my forever sweetest childhood memory. My Uncle Bill gifted me a very large (child sized) doll of Holly Hobbie - she looked just like the picture above. I had an orange cat too.  Holly was my rag-doll child and I loved wearing her blue beautiful bonnet.
I was so elated to find this book for three dollars at a consignment shop. Mint condition. I am flooded with good, innocent childhood memories - playing outside with Holly Hobbie- I must have been five. Ella is five now and Vivian is three and they love our new book. The delicate hand drawn pictures and the rich, joyful rhymes makes jumping rope and skipping in circles such a wonderful and magical time.
This picture reminds me of my childhood friend Heather who had a beautiful and innocent way about her. I can day dream for hours in this book.

Our new favorite jump rope song is Jenny Wren

Jenny Wren last week was wed, 
And built her nest in grandpa's shed;
Look next week and you shall see, 
Two little eggs, and maybe three. 
One, two, three

Thanks to these guys (I love children's publishing) a beautiful and useful book was published.  I looked up Holly Hobbie at Wikipedia and it was interesting to learn how this character came to life. Clever, very clever indeed. We'll take a pass on the "new" Holly Hobbie, though.

Do you have fond memories of Holly Hobbie? I'd love to hear them. And thanks Uncle Bill - you always gave the best presents. 



  1. Oh yes! Holly was a favorite if mine too. Your new book sounds delightful. Enjoy!

  2. Oooo - Holly Hobby sheets!!! I went on eBay and it is amazing of all the things Holly Hobbie. - She was a genius, no?

    I saw my doll on there too --- that would really be a guilty pleasure at 90 bucks. I have to pass. :(

    It is so fun to have been a girl!


  3. Oh my do I have found memories of holly hobbie. She was one of my favorites. I had an orange cat too. My mother embroidered this huge holly hobby picture of her and her cat, framed in with a gingham boxer and it hung over my bed until I left for college.
    I remember this book you've found exactly. Thanks is for reminding me of these special childhood moments. Now I'm off to my hope chest to see if I can find that holy hobbie picture my mom made.

  4. I was born in 1971 and I LOVED Holly Hobbie too!! I had the doll and painted the book bag, all of it. ;) I found a similar doll a few years ago and had to get it. Unfortunately all I have left from my childhood years is a doll my Gram made and the Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls my Aunt gave me... At least I have those. :)

  5. That first picture of Holly Hobbie has given me such a flashback! I'm not sure if I had books, or cards or perhaps bedding but that was the image I remember! Just lovely, thanks for the great reminder.

    And blech to the 'new' version. Why do they have to ruin things?

  6. Oh my .... what a touching childhood flashback for me ... i loved my Holly Hobbie and orange cat -- they were my constant companions when i was little... thanks for the lovely reminder.. i will have a post soon on my home sewn version for my daughter... she has named her Mollie Smallie because she is our own version of Holly Hobbie.... light and peace to ....

  7. I found this post because I was looking for a holly hobbie photo to show my daughter. I loved it growing up. Thanks for the nice memories!


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