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Monday, May 23, 2011

Corner of My Home - Breakfast Table

Vivian and I collected flowers in the garden yesterday. It is her favorite thing to do and for me I was feeling inspired to express and share my gratitude for all the good things that my blog has brought about. I wrote this post the other day and many of you left me loving messages - it touched me.  Interstingly enough, most comments are from loving souls that I have never met. I find it so intriguing that these comments leave a lasting, joyful and inspiring impression on me. Emmalina from 95 acres of sky  does this time and time again. She left me this comment the other day and I was just in awe that her words made my world make sense again.

"Thanks for sharing so honestly. I think it is important that we chronicle some of the tough stuff as well as the up times, that is real life and needs to be honoured too. I hope that you are feeling ok about things, all sounds a bit sad and I feel for you. But you have created a wonderful world for you and your girls, even if someone peeks in the window it is nowhere close to the warmth of your heart and spirit. That can't be taken, only given.

 Emmaline sure has a way with words. Visit her blog and you will see for yourself. I only wished she lived around the corner from me so I could invite her over for tea.

So this vase sits in a corner of my home. It is filled with gratitude and beauty that I feel towards the friendships, kind words and support that I have found here in blog land.

Thank you all for making my world a friendlier place. Your comments kindle my spirit.

Namaste, Nicole


  1. You're so sweet. I adore your blog, and your girls are absolutely adorable. I always treasure glimpsing a little slice of your life because it seems so carefree and wonderful.

  2. Awww. Thank you Hailey. My life IS all that and yet there is the other stuff - I work hard to keep it balanced.

    Peace, Nicole

  3. Wow, Nicole I don't know what to say. I'm really glad my words helped a little, but it is your bravery, determination, vision and kindness that is the true inspiration. Thanks for sharing a bit of yoursel, we all benefit : )

  4. This is not the first time you took the time to write a very thoughtful note to me. Thank you.

    Blessed be.


Your comments kindle my spirit.