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Monday, May 16, 2011

Corner of My Home - Backyard Fun

We found two ducks in our backyard yesterday.
Vivian is being very quiet - which is very hard for her. We don't want to scare the ducks.
Ella is hoping that the ducks will want to live here - I do too.
Meet Harriet and Ozzie

And over in this other corner of our backyard is our new chicken coop. I never dreamed of having ducks and chickens!

Life has been joyfully busy. I have been spending precious time with my family and learning a ton. We are deep into Spring here and waking up every morning finding yet another new blooming flower to adore, smell and cherish. The gardens are heavenly. We are loving our first Spring in this wonderful home. Gah!!! I am so in love.

Namaste, Nicole


  1. glad to see you around!! I love reading your blog!! :)

  2. Chickens, ducks?! I am so envious! It looks so beautiful.

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  4. Oh, I hope the ducks decided to live in your beautiful backyard as well!


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