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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Watercolor Tuesday - Green

Green is a color that gives me energy, this is true for the little ones too. Instead of painting only one wet-on-wet the girls painted six sheets of green to help make shamrock cut outs for our windows. 
I am feeling renewed on this first day of March. We have tulips, Hyacinths and some new house plants that has replaced our yuletide greens...it smells good. Watering the plants is such a big deal for Vivian who will be turning three this month.

 It was awesome to wear my garden shoes all day on Sunday pruning. The girls and I have been outside for hours each day.  I feel the emerging energy just beneath our feet. I am excited. This is our first Spring in the new house. 

Green apples are my favorite, so is this fruit basket that my older sister Ahja gifted me some years ago.
I only eat the green grapes. I'm lucky that Ella likes the purple ones.

Vivian picking the white petals from these beautiful Snowdrops, leaving behind the green stems. She never passes up an opportunity to pick a flower.
 Here we are a year ago today. Growth is good.

 We will see the sun 2 minutes and 35 seconds longer today. I am happy to see green, lots of green and more light.

Happy March 1st. 



  1. Hooray for green, the color of spring, life, and new beginnings. A healing, soothing color! I love green, and I so long to see snowdrops. Did you plant those at your new house? I haven't been able to get snowdrops to "take" here! Thank you for telling me about green. love, Beth

  2. lovely and green indeed...
    and what gorgeous photos...I am so tempted to pick the snowdrops in our neighborhood...they bring me so much hope!!!!
    I only like the green grapes, too...and green apples...
    and ps- bethlehem is about...maybe 45 min. from you! We should totally get together when the weather is nicer.


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