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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Vivian!

Dearest Vivian, there was nothing you liked more than having three birthday desserts! You especially loved the lemon pie and we all laughed as you poked your finger in the pie hole and licked your finger while we gathered to sing Happy Birthday to you. I am so blessed that you choose me to be your Mom. May the Moon continue to delight you, may the sky continue to provide you with wonder...and may there always be a beautiful flower for you to pick. You are my sunshine. 
Love, Mom

...and I am loving all your new three year old abilities!


  1. Happy Birthday to Vivian! <3

  2. Happy Birthday to Vivian! <3

  3. Happy 3rd birthday to your sweet girl x

  4. Lovely. Thanks for sharing such a sweet moment.

  5. A belated happy birthday to Vivian!


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