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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentine Trinket

I am in the mood! I am looking for new ideas and I am feeling very inspired.  Click here to see what I did last year - it was a hoot! 
This week the little ones and I enjoyed making these!

Outside view.

Ice Mandalas as I now know  them to be thanks to GardenMama ~ hers by the way are gorgeous. The girls and I set out new ones tonight. We will be sure to be outside early tomorrow morning.
 Inside view.

This time when we made them I used a hole puncher and tied the yarn to the heart so that when the ice melts there is still a heart left on the branch.

Nature is magical and love abounds.

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  1. Those are so very cute! How do you make them!?

    I love reading your blog. Someday when I have children, I hope to be able to mother them some-what like you :)



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