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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pine Cone Experiment

The little ones and I gathered up some different types of dry pine cones. We had "girl" pine cones (sticky ones) and "boy" pine cones. Keeping it simple is best for 5 and under - too much information is well too much information. There is so much to learn about pine cones and I have truly enjoyed understanding these precious gifts from Mother Nature. 

We noticed how dry and open the pine cones were.

We then placed the pine cones in clean water. We observed that they float! 

We let the pine cone "swim" in the water for a few days. Some of them sank and the water started to get cloudy. 

Vivian took the pine cones out of the water to dry - the water was cold and the pine cones were drippy. 

To our amazement the pine cones closed up very tightly and looked much different than the dried pine cones.

We laid them out to dry and watched them slowly open up. It took a few days but was fun to watch the progress. 

When the pine cones fully opened we made treats for the birds and Earl our squirrel.

I feel so blessed to share the magic of nature with my littles. 



  1. Love pine cones!! I have been gathering them to use for the roofs of my fairy houses! :)

    I want you to know that I added your blog to my side bar and will be featuring you on my blog in the next few weeks! :) I will let you know when I do!

    Have a terrific week!!

  2. Homeschooling creates such great opportunities for these sorts of simple, yet profound, lessons about nature.

    It makes me sad, though, for those children stuck in traditional schools. They are so busy teaching to the test that the poor children never get to spend the quality time just observing nature, something so desperately needed in our society.

  3. I love this! We have some hemlock cones (my very favorite!) and I know my girls would enjoy an ongoing experiment. They seem to enjoy having something to check on each day.

    Thank you for visiting my blog as well. :)


  4. Melissa - your fairy houses look AMAZING! And thank you for adding me to your side bar - featuring me - cool.

    Sara - you hit the nail on the head. Have you seen the documentary "Race To Nowhere"? I encourage you to see it -- you will feel so supported.

    Carrie - Thank you.

    Love & Light.

  5. How we love pine cones! So many ways they inspire...
    love and light


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