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Friday, February 11, 2011

Embroidery with Ella

I changed our rhythm this week and it has been  a bit of a challenge. Happily enough, embroidery has kept us all centered - and proud. Now, I just have to fine tune our napping/quiet time so that I may rest too.    My youngest daughter Vivian who is almost three is supposed to nap and she  doesn't - she plays for two hours in her room. Ella (5) has quiet time in my yoga room and falls asleep making  bedtime tricky and difficult - because only one is tired. The little ones share a room and I am wondering if I should let them have their own rooms so that they can follow their own sleeping patterns?

I would like them to have quiet time for an hour in the afternoon - I need a quiet hour to myself. I can't quite tell what feels right, separate them which they are asking me to do or keep them together so that they have each other at night and keeping what is familiar to them. The answer will come I suppose, but it wouldn't be me if I didn't worry about this.  

Another piece to our new rhythm was that the Vivian could come to our bedroom in the morning as soon as she saw the sun (6:45) - which is perfect since the little ones were tucked into bed 12 hours before - a good solid rest. Before this Vivian would call for her Dad really loud and sing songs  causing  sleeping Big Sister to wake up very unhappy. 
The plan for Vivian was not to wake big sister in the morning but to come in and kiss Mom on the cheek -  and Vivian kissed me on the cheek without waking Ella every morning this week! 



  1. So adorable...
    I love getting our girls sewing...such concentration.

  2. My girls love embroidery too ~ such a lovely way to bring quiet into the house.
    Hope your new rhythm bring good rest for all!
    Love & Light

  3. Hi!

    Love the pictures of the girls doing handwork. Nice to see that it is keeping you centered.

  4. Aahh, sleep dilemnas. One of my children needs little sleep, the other much more. One is a night owl, the other an early bird. We never had them together, but little sister still managed to wake big brother most days making for some very grumpy afternoons! Thankfully, as they've gotten older it's gotten better.

    You may find that things will work themselves out to where Ella isn't falling asleep during quiet time since Vivian isn't waking her in the morning so then they should both be ready for bed at about the same time. At least I hope it works out that way for you! My SIL who has two boys about the same age distance as your girls is having some of the same issues right now. The boys share not only a room, but also a bed so it can get a little crazy!

    BTW, I love the look of concentration on Ella's face in that second picture. And her handwork is quite accomplished.

  5. Embroidery is our favorite...how lovely. Hope your having a lovely weekend.
    Hop over and check out the blog let me know if you like the new set up.


  6. What a calm your first picture shows....embroidery in shafts of sunlight...it does look quiet....such cute little girls you have!...the answers always show themselves....

  7. I love the embroidery, it is so relaxing and I love watching my little guy having a try : )


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