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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Watercolor Tuesday - Melting Icicles

This was so fun and simple and mind boggling for the littles. It had been on my To Do list and it was time that we went in search of icicles. To our delight, the Winter Fairies had crafted beautiful ones in our backyard.  

Mrs. Thaw has been up to her tricks in this neck of the woods - the forecast tomorrow is ice, snow, rain and slush then more snow possibly another 8 inches. Next on my list To Do with the littles is to make some more soup and maybe a royal snowman - Thank you King Winter. 

I love the winter. I love the quiet it speaks. I love warm soup in my belly.
I love the gifts that winter brings ...especially the icicles.



  1. What a lovely idea. It never gets cold enough here for icicles, think we are missing out on something good!

  2. that´s a brillant idea!
    very jealous off all your lovely snow - here in the UK we only had a week off it...lol

  3. What kind of soup are you making next? I got a really good black bean recipe from a blogger that will be supper tonight.

  4. So, I didn't make the soup - chocolate milk cake won over!!!

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave your love!

    Love & light, Nicole


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