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Monday, January 24, 2011

My New Flash

I finally took out my extra flash for my camera and started to play around with it this afternoon.  I suppose, I have to read the manual,  but it is much more fun to play around with it a little longer,  without learning the rules. 

The little ones and I spent the day mostly indoors,  we did go out and admire our new fire wood, bring in the trash cans and take our sleds for a walk around our garden. When we woke up this morning  it was 4 degrees outside - we are so happy to be getting fire wood today. 

We also enjoyed playing indoors, learning to play Go Fish, and singing new songs while jumping rope.  

Three meals cooked, girls tucked snug in their bed, clean house, I am off to read a little hand sized manual. 



  1. It's so pretty where you live. I love the snowy photos. I see you are enjoying your new flash taking all those creative photos with such a gorgeous little girl.
    Stay warm, sending you sunny rays. Jeanene

  2. beautiful..and your house is looking so lovely..


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