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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Godddess Wednesday - A Winter Goddess named Holda

This is Holda ~ White Lady of Winter ~ well at least it is our version of her.  She is a fascinating, domesticated Goddess. Click here and here to find out who she is and why I admire her very much. I feel comforted knowing she is there to guide our little angels. Holda is planning a Goddess Circle tonight as more snow is on the way adding to the eight inches that came down today. Perhaps we will pair her up with Venus de milo tomorrow - just like this one  except I rather not have the police knocking at my door. 

In honor of Holda we baked a chocolate milk cake with powdered sugar. It was delicious and perfect with a tall glass of cold milk. 

Thank you Holda - you were always there when I needed you. 

Blessed be.


  1. Oh I love your Holda! She is perfect! Unfortunately for us, raindrops don't stick together...

    Hoping you are staying warm and fulfilled!

  2. Oh Nicole, your Mother Holle is fantastic! She ilooks so robust. You probably the Grimm's fairy tale about her.It is one of our favorites.

  3. Hi Nicole, I just linked to your Holda in the February Guide to Caring for Children. I love your Valentine's decorations too! And the milk chocolate cake sounds awfully good!


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