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Monday, December 13, 2010

Pine Cone Loot

It is true about us Waldorf people - we love our pine cones! Two weeks ago, I had a chance to take a lovely walk through one of my favorite parks by myself. It was blissful - a small gift to myself. As I was walking I remembered that an old friend of mine said that she was looking for pine cones on facebook. So in my quiet, peaceful walk I felt an excitement  dwell up in me and I started to hunt for pine cones. 

I walked off the beaten path and made my own path. There weren't many pine cones to be found. I had to look high and low. Maybe people had already come and collected them all - or maybe it wasn't the year of the Pine Cone. Last year, pine cones were abundant and we had plenty. 

I stumbled across this amazing blog and learned some amazing facts about pine cones among other things. Did  you know that there are female and male pine cones? The female pine cones are the sticky ones and are usually found on the top of the trees. I can't wait to spend more time on this blog and learn more about my pine cone collection and perhaps purchase Barb's Nature Guide. I am up for her Outdoor Challenge!

I never notice before - but there are so many types of pine cones. The ones pictured in the photos above are just a few of all the different pine cones in our collection. Not only are they pretty to look at and decorate with- they are fun to play with, they are fun to count, fun to paint, fun to pretend that they are phones, and yes even funnier to pretend that they are poop! Five year old humor is in the house. Pine cone poop - I can handle.

Thanks Lynne for turning my walk into a childhood adventure (without the children). I left the park with pine cones in every pocket! 

Can't wait to send them to you. 



  1. Always loved pine cones, especially when i was younger. I would eagerly pick them up from the ground and take them home and during the holiday season i would use them as ornaments. You've just brought back so many memories and i'm finding myself taking a a much pleasurable trip down memory lane. So thank -you.

  2. i love collecting pine cones. it's just such a simple nature activity. where we live now we have a pine forest about 5mins drive away.

    great blog find too.


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