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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

A few weeks back Julie (a total Goddess photographer) came to our house and took photos of our family- gifts that we are sending to love ones in Norway. A package is on it's way to them right now. Julie has real talent and captured our family's spirit. The girls loved her and I love that she let me use her photos on my blog. Thanks Julie. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve so far has been magical and calm, while managing with colds - we all have colds, we are anticipating the arrival of Santa Claus.

Hoping you have also captured the magic of this day, season and year. 


Seriously, Julie came to our house, (we were in total comfort)  and she took photos of us for over 45 minutes for only $50 bucks, $15 for each print. It was hard to choose which to buy - I wanted them all. A best frugal find for a Friday.


  1. Oh Nicole! They are just stunning! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. It has been a joy, sharing your journey, and your talent in homeschooling your girls, love and light Marie

  3. oh they're adorable! and the great photography and outfits just makes them more so.

    sorry you've all got colds. hope santa makes you all forget that for a bit.

  4. So adorable! They look so vintage. :) Blessings.

  5. What beautiful pictures and beautiful girls! They are getting so big. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas...I'm getting back to the blog so hopefully we will catch up more often...online!

  6. Hello lovely mama! I came over to wish you a wonderful new year...may it be brimming with pleasure, warmth, bright ideas and contentment. Thank you for sharing through this blog - I have very much enjoyed following throughout this year.

  7. This is a truly stunning photograph, and what gorgeous children you have! That is the perfect Christmas photo.


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