Waldorf In The Home

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Handmade Santas

WARNING -- tickling will occur and lots of giggling! This is such a simple and fun activity and you only need white and red poster paint and a paint brush. For Santa's face (middle of the palm) you can mix a little red in with the white to make it pink. Paint the fingers white for his beard and paint the thumb and bottom of the palm red for Santa's hat.

We cut up some brown paper bags to make the prints and then framed them with sticks (not shown).

Ta-da! These photos are from last year - but we made them again today and as you can imagine the Santa's were a wee bit larger. 

There is a dusting of snow here, it's quite beautiful. The little ones are snug in their bed, the house smells like oranges and cinnamon from the ornaments we made, Geir has lit a nice fire in the fireplace and we are going to snack on some cranberry muffins and hot tea.