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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Into the Light

The days are getting darker and darker. Soon it will be the birth of the new sun and we will began to see more light.  How beautiful that my mood follows the earth's natural cycle. I have been nurturing my darkness, otherwise know as depression. I am sleeping nine hours, eating slightly better (my husband reads this so I dare not stretch the truth), taking salted baths, mediating  and spending more time outside. Good habits are hard to keep up when I am feeling down, but I am fighting hard to take care of myself - so that my little ones feel taken care of too. So much of what we feel as Mothers - our children feel. too.  Such pressure.

I'll take the pressure of helping myself to keep my children and husband happy and healthy rather than accepting the pressures of what I perceived these weeks should be (decking the halls, buying fabulous gifts and out doing last year's Christmas magic). I  have embraced my darkness, I have let go of the worries of last week and I honor my inner Goddess with the gift of redefining what this season is all about. 
So into the light I go...



  1. Continue taking care of yourself Nicole. The message of perfection is most overwhelming at this time of year. Staying strong against it is incredibly difficult.

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I think most of us are feeling much the same way this time of year... i for one always wrestle between what this time of year means to my family as opposed to what everyone around me thinks it "should" mean to my family...continue taking care, meditating, playing joyful and quiet games with your girls, and before you know it... the light will find you again ...as it always does me... and your spirit will be renewed...
    many happy holiday blessings to you and your family...
    light and peaace

  3. Sending you warm thoughts in the darker times. I know that place. I love your post about salted baths -- it's been a long time since I've given myself a bath -- I might just have a salted soak tonight... +Chelsea

  4. Your comments have had such a positive effect on me. I am taken by the care you have put into words - to make me feel better. It was more than magical to go through to day and see the little light on my phone blink - messages from you - encouraging me and understanding me. Made me emotional - in a good, very good way.

    Much love and gratitude,

  5. Without the darkness, and our embrace of it, there can be no light. I like to think of the darkness as the turning inward and it can be healthy. Sometimes we are being told 'stop, breathe'. Just because we are not full of beans and joy doesn't mean we are failing, there is a trend I think to portray ourselves as zen mothers, embracing everything with a smile and a home baked cookie, that just isn't the reality, nor should it be.

    The goddess calls us to know ourselves, our darkness and our light. She asks us to face our truths and to be truthful with the world, especially with other women. In our darkness there can be sadness but there can also be revelation and power. Quiet times can yield truth and knowledge, when we slow we notice things we otherwise would not have seen. Ironically I've found that on days where I've 'given up' we've had a lovely family day.

    Listen to the message within yourself, find out what the darkness is telling you. She is there, just as she is in the light. Hold her hand, she will guide you to safety.

    Blessed be xxx


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