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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Energizing the Crystals

The girls and I had fun gathering up our crystals  and magic stones from their special places in our house and and placing them in the sun to renew their healing energy. 
We left them out for the night and let the moon watch over them and the stars sparkle upon them. The rain came and rinsed and purified them. We polished them and brought them back inside to decorate for Advent - or to touch, hold, claim our favorites - and learn to compromise.  Pink was popular. The girls and I enjoyed ourselves and I am thinking it was a Goddess-y thing to do.  What do you do to celebrate your Goddess-self? A bath certainly tops my list.

I can't wait to light our first candle this week.



  1. I love to stand under the moon and have a bit of a chat with her or just see her lovely face. This is when I feel most connected to the Goddess. Being outside is the most connected feeling but also those moments of care and nurturing that come with family life.

    I love the crystal ritual, that is a really nice idea : )

    Bright blessings to you : )

  2. I thought the Christian and Pagan Advent started on the same day this year? The Pagan Advent do sound nice, with the different objects for each Sunday.

    Are you celebrating St. Lucia's Day on the 13. as well? It's one of the very few saint days celebrated in Norway, and we bake "lussekatter" / saffron rolls.

  3. LOVE IT! I just this week charge the crystals for my new altar. It made me feel so good. I went back at saw your post about the Valentines day crystals. I didn't know you were close to Philly. We love (and miss..) South Street and also New Hope! We are hoping to visit in the spring.

  4. My daughter is now 10 years old and since she was 2, we have been meditating and doing yoga everyday together to celebrate goddess...We listen to India Arye as well... we also have favorite crystals that we love to encircle ourselves with during meditation and soak up all their positive energy... your crystals are lovely...
    much light and peace to you..

  5. My heart is aglow with such beautiful comments - thank you.
    I feel most connected outside too, then our dinner table and lastly my yoga space.
    Buddhistmama - let me know when you are in town - love to meet you - and please take a snap shot of your alter and share the link! I need the inspiration.
    Autumn Mama - too cool. I will listen to India Arye - later today and think of you and your lovely daughter.

    Love & Light.

  6. I've been stretched thin lately and have been a bit neglectful of my goddess-self. Been feeling the need for something to tap into for that goddess connection on a moment's notice...some way to instantly clear a space in the buzz of these busy days. I started drawing elaborate henna designs on the soles of my feet! I know it sounds funny, but in those moments of frenzy, I just close my eyes for a couple of breaths, think of that prayerful filagree where my feet are touching the earth, and root myself to the source.

  7. How beautiful...what a lovely way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.


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