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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Angel Tea

We have been making and drinking a lot of Angel Tea - packed with Vitamin C we will be ready for the arrival of King Winter. A few weeks back I made a discovery at our local produce stand - there are oranges that are called "juice oranges." These oranges are very juicy and sweet yet their skin is too tough to peel, so Vivian sliced them in half and went to juicing them!

They are a beautiful yellow-orange inside. 

Ella is our Fairy Tea maker so Vivian was delighted  that I asked her to help make our Angel Tea.  Instead of straight juice we always add tea and honey.  We bought the juice oranges three for one dollar - so we been using three fresh oranges and adding some orange juice bought from the store. Here is our special recipe:

Orange Angel Tea

6 cups of just boiled water
4 -6 tea bags of chamomile tea infused with lavender.
Honey - your preference
2 cups of juice from three fresh oranges
1 1/2 cups of orange juice
3 cups of organic apple juice
3 scoops of ice

Add the teabags and honey to the just boiled water
Cover and let steep for about 2 hours - maybe through nap-time or until the next morning. 
Add ice, orange juice and apple juice
Stir, serve and enjoy

Steeping the tea is the most important step in reaping the benefits of the herbal teas. Involving your little ones in the process of making the tea is fun and delightful. Vivian and Ella are really enjoying their Angel Tea and perhaps your little ones will too. 

 I used the left over orange halves  as tea light holders and decorated my mantle with them. Money is tight this year. I am finding ways to get into the spirit of Christmas little by little - using what I already have. Unexpected expenses and some major upset this week was almost unbearable. It is not so much the lack of money that upsets me - it is the worry, the sadness I feel, the pressure to make the season magical and happy for my little ones. I  am ready to start a new week. 
Tonight we will start making our homemade ornaments for our tree. This is the third year we are using all natural decorations. I look forward to sitting next to the fire listening to my favorite Christmas songs stringing cranberries and popcorn - knowing that Angels are watching over me. 



  1. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing....Keep focus on a homemade Christmas...$ can't buy an imagination or the magical ideas you have within. Happy Holidays!

  2. Always inspiring. Your children are so blessed to have such a wonderfully, creative mother who is so in tune with nature. The tea sounds amazing and I love how you've reused the orange skins. They look stunning x

  3. I often think it's people with the least money who are creators of the most magical memories.

    I made your fairy tea for my little girl this week. I've had my eye on it for some time and was excite to finally try it out. Big hit. She would pick the fairy tea jug out over anything else in the fridge. I didn't add the honey and I used apple cider instead of straight juice. The taste reminded me of a Christmas wassail my mom makes every year. Very delicious. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Let go of that worry Mama ~ just drop the oars & float downstream where all the magic is :)

  5. The tea sounds absolutely delightful! We are a bit snowbound with winter storms in Michigan, but I can't wait to get to the market and get some oranges and apple juice to make Angel Tea.

    I agree with Funky Mommy above--focus on a handmade, simple Christmas. Children are naturally delighted in the simplest things. It is the corporate materialistic culture that brainwashes them out of that.

    When Laura Ingalls Wilder reflected back on her childhood Christmases she remembered when Mr. Edwards walked miles in the snow to bring her a tin cup and a peppermint stick, the Christmas in the Big Woods when she got a handmade doll...These were her precious memories because as simple as her Christmases were, they were rich because they were spent with family.

  6. Love the Angel Tea. Thanks so much for sharing your recipe! Kerri

  7. I love the gentle glow of the tea light in the orange, simple and beautiful...what christmas is all about..

  8. looking forward to trying the Angel tea, it sounds great.

    Love the use of the orange peel too. I love natural hand made holidays. You're children will remember these touches fondly.
    Focus and fill your day with more Joy, it will crowd out stress so there's no room for it anymore :)

  9. Hi, Redbeet Mama! Can you please tell me how to put a video on blogger? I'm dying to try it! Thanks! I'm having fun exploring your blog this morning. love, Beth

  10. I love everything about this post, Nicole! I wish I had a cup of Angel Tea in my hand at this very moment, and the orange tealights just whisper "Christmas"...

  11. Your comments amaze me. Total strangers sharing light and wisdom with me, inspiring me, comforting me.
    I am so grateful that you all took the time to comment - my heart opened up and I am back to believing in the magic of the season. Really!!!


  12. Nicole,
    Just look at all the magic you have - it is all there surrounding you. How I love your angel tea and the orange skin tealights.

  13. What a lovely post and lovely ideas. Sorry you've had a rubbish week, it can be hard when there is sadness in your heart to be joyful at home. I hope that you feel better soon; it looks like me that your home is beautiful and genuine and your girls live a life filled with magic. What greater gift is there than that?

  14. What a lovely idea, Holly loves drinking herbal tea so I bet she would love this. The tea light oranges look lovely. Hope your spirits start to lift again soon.

  15. I was searching for some art for Samhain and came upon your blog. What a lovely place to stop and read a while. :D Thank you for sharing your tea recipes and your craft ideas. Namaste.



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