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Monday, November 22, 2010

Prayers For A Special Teacher

Last week a horrific accident happen during an outing with my five year old daughter's afternoon program. Ella participates in a wonderful program once a week with other children ranging in ages. I love this program - they do so many awesome activities. Last week the group ventured out into the woods to check out a shelter that the local homeschoolers (mostly mom's with their strollers) built. It was a windy and beautiful day. The last sentiments that I said to the Ella's teacher was " Yay - good for you going out in any kind of weather!" I kissed Ella goodbye and went on my way.  Little did I know what trouble would lay ahead. Ella's teacher was seriously injured when a tree branch fell on the shelter trapping her. A second teacher was also injured but will be ok. Miraculously not one child was injured. The teacher that was trapped broke four vertebrae in her back. We are praying that she will not have painful recovery and we will keep that positive thought . She is constantly on our mind and in our prayers. Please send Ella's teacher and all those involved healing energy. 

I am so sorry that this has happen. I am full of tears and grateful that our children are ok. Now, we need our teacher to be ok too.



  1. sending many healing prayers and positive wishes for everyone that was there on this day. and healing, healing healing to the teacher involved. a big hug to you as well mama xo

  2. Big hugs Nicole. My thoughts are with Ella's teacher and you as well. xoxoxo

  3. Oh, that's horrible! :( I'm so sorry and am sending healing vibes to all affected.

  4. Oh dear, that's terrible. I hope that Ella's teacher has a speedy recovery. She will be in my thoughts.

  5. Sending many prayers for both teachers, and the children who were present to witness such scary events. How is the teacher doing?

  6. Thank you all. Our brave teacher is healing. She writes notes on FB that are absolutely inspiring. She is an amazing woman. She has many weeks/months of healing - lying on her back - this accident was definitely life changing for her.
    Please keep her in your thoughts.

    Namaste, Nicole


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