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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Blessing and the Heart of Our New Home

Our kitchen table is our most spiritual place in our home. The little ones look forward to each meal, reciting our mealtime blessing and eating food together by candlelight. I was not a very spiritual person before I started my family. I was a different person then, my focus on life was much broader. Giving birth made me a believer of miracles. I was completely taken over by the aura of my newborn babies. Children by nature are spiritual beings and we need  to  nurture what comes naturally to them or their strong connection to the spiritual world subsides. I enjoy honoring their nature and  I am grateful to  my little ones who opened my heart and mind to being connected to Sacred Spirit.

Here is a link to a post I wrote a few months back that includes our Mealtime Blessing. In the comments section you will find many wonderful prayers that readers have shared. Please share with me ~ I am very interested in your family's blessings and rituals.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. This line really resonated with me - ' I was a different person then'. I often find it amazing to think back on who I was pre children, I honestly don't think I would recognize her.

  2. The young ones in our lives really make us see things differently. Having a sense of family enriches our lives and thanksgiving is really a time when we reflect and give thanks. Beautiful display by the way. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Our daily blessing is: God, thank you for this food, thank you for our family and our health. For everything in this world and everything in the past. Amen, Bismillah.

    The everything in the past was added by my son when he was going through a dinosaur phase.

  4. Nicole I would have never of guessed that you weren't spiritual before your children. You come across as spiritual even across the world through the internet. You are so cool! What a great thing to allow our children to change us!


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