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Monday, November 15, 2010

One With Nature

Vivian is in  awe with Autumn's leaves. She never forgets her  nature basket when she goes outside - she has discovered a new world - an outside world without Mommy right by her side.  Up until last week she would not leave  our back steps unless I was with her - protecting her from Earl the Squirrel and all the other unknowns in her brand new backyard.
She is  stepping outside her comfort zone (luxurious condo life) and into Mother Nature's glory. I feel like I have given her the world by moving into a house with a yard. 

She is careful with her selection. I can tell that she no longer feels like a visitor to natures magic - she feels one with it. She feels like it belongs to her and it does, it belongs to all of us. 
This time last year we moved into a condo with pretty views of nature. It was beautiful but we couldn't be a part of what we saw from our windows. We couldn't touch it. It didn't feel right. I bought this book (about a week after  we moved into our condo) and I knew that our condo wasn't going to be called home for very long.That and also because of this and having to buy these.
Watching my little ones in our backyard is such a joyful experience. It makes the whole experience of packing and unpacking three times in less than three years worth it. I finally feel like this is our home. Now, getting Vivian to come inside has become a bit tricky. Yesterday I promised her that we could use glue (Modge Podge) and make a candle holder with her pretty red leaves she obliged. Inspired by Twig and Toadstool - we made these Autumn candle holders.
If asked what was the biggest lesson my children have taught me thus far- my answer would be that they taught me that they need to be outside everyday, in a place where they feel safe to explore, discover, pretend and be one with. nature. Richard Louv put it on paper for me, he opened my eyes and inspired me. If you haven't read his book and you know deep in your heart that you and your children are not spending enough time outside - read his book.  I am also grateful to my dearest friend India who is passionate about this very topic and introduced me to Louv's work.  I learn a lot from books and  I learn a lot more from my children and friends. Realizing this, I am ok with learning as I go. I can stop criticizing myself for not knowing firsthand the importance of time spent in nature. We all have the instinct to be in nature - we just don't always honor it. 

Being in nature is no longer an effort - living in this house makes being one with nature effortless. 



  1. What a beautiful use for autumn leaves!

  2. Beautiful post Nicole. I loved hearing about your family's journey, and on how you arrived where you are at now. I will definitely check out that book. I am so happy for you and for your daughters that you found your place! Blessings to you four! PS - I love your new header. You are such an inspiration.

  3. I LOVE Louv's book.....so much knowledge and wisdom...it is what inspired us to start a green charter school!
    I love the idea of the nature basket, too!
    I agree, time outside isn't optional....it's a necessity. W goes nuts if we dont spend at least an hour running around....I am so glad you are enjoying your new house:) Hope to see you soon:) <3

  4. What a lovely post and what a journey you've been on! As someone who has lived in about 7/8 homes in the last 6 years I can relate to the struggle to find that true 'home'. Our move to the countryside is driven in large part by a desire for our boys to grow up in nature, able to connect and be at peace in the outdoors. I admire your dedication to the cause, it seems like you are raising regular nature addicts!

  5. What a creative use for beautiful leaves. Autumn/Fall is a wonderful and such creative time. It's the season i feel most connected to.

  6. What a lovely post, I could not agree more with so many of your sentiments, we spend a large portion of our life outdoors in nature, I find it hard to imagine that there are so many people in the world who do not.

  7. Hi Nicole!
    Thanks for dropping by today! I had peek and I think I'm hooked by your tagline: "preserving childhood one morning at a time." Fabulous!

  8. How wonderful! We had the same experience when we moved from an apartment to our current home. My poppet Sophie, about to be 6, lives outside.LOL She spends most of her time outside, exploring and imagining, she always has. I read Louv's book last year and was so pleased to be able to say that Sophie already has all that he suggests. How lovely that now you and your children can experience it too. Blessings.

  9. Oh, what a blessing. That is how I feel about living in northern Vermont where we have a small homestead where they can just "be" with nature.

  10. So beautiful, Nicole...
    I always hold my breath when my little one is emboldened to step away from my skirts to go exploring on her own..I don't want to break the spell! I dream of the day when she will feel confident enough to stride off into the wild without me and find her own secret and magical places. I also love the little basket your sweetling totes along...my Toucie has to have a pouch on a shoulder strap slung across her chest because she walks off and leaves baskets all over creation!

  11. Nicole,
    You are a dear and true friend and I feel so blessed you moved back to PA and our girls can once again explore together.


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