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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Keeping Vigil For Our Nephew

A candle wouldn't do. Geir made a fire and  we sat outside for hours sending our love and positive thoughts to our Nephew in Norway who will be having Awake Brain Surgery to remove a tumor in just a few short hours. 

We are full of hope and prayer. We love you PK and we wish we could be there with you and the rest of the family. 

Ella found these roses in our garden and wanted to give them to you. 
Hilde - I wish I could give you a big, comforting Mama to Mama hug. 

Love, Aunt Nicole, Uncle Geir, Ella and Vivian


  1. Gosh, what an incredibly difficult time. Hope all goes well for your nephew.

  2. Sending prayers to your family, I know how this one goes. Bright blessings to you all xxx

  3. I've been limiting my computer time and missed this! I do hope all went well. Please update us on his progress.


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