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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goddess Wednesday - Demeter

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Demeter, Greek Goddess of Agriculture and Grain - I honor you today, this week, this month. Your story teaches me that life will bring its own challenges but also many benefits and rewards. The knowledge that you empower me with is that there is great sorrow and great joy. As a Mother and a Goddess - I am a part of you and you are a part of me. In this unity we can bear the sorrow and rejoice in our ability to be happy once again. Winter is soon upon us and the absence of your daughter I am reminded to be ever so thankful for the presence of my two happy and healthy daughters. I am truly blessed. 

At our morning circle time I introduced Demeter to the little ones. They enjoyed learning about this strong and compassionate Goddess (I kept it light) and it felt good to bring a new aspect to our Thanksgiving celebration. I challenged myself to the chalkboard - I am not an artist, but imitation is a beautiful mirror. I did not erase once and I accepted the process and result - being careful not to doubt my abilities in front of the girls - as I do not want  to teach self criticism. After all  they are Goddesses in training and need a self assured role model. A realization that the little ones are teaching me to be self assured even when I may not feel like it - so I share it with you and a mantra that my friends over at Twig and Toadstool shared with me today "I am enough." I have been chanting it all day - and it is working. Many thanks.

This is our Demeter, gracing herself on top of our hearth. I found a website today that  I really enjoyed and I think you will enjoy too. Check it out here and learn more about Demeter, other Goddesses and perhaps even yourself.

Tonight's Meditation.
Grant me your calm strength, Demeter, so I can can remain centered, accepting life as it is, and knowing that I have a purpose.
Wishing you and yours a bountiful and compassionate Thanksgiving. 
Blessed be. 

Dearest Kim, thanks for the push. It feels good to bring back Goddess Wednesday. Namaste!


  1. Beautiful mantra!! I may have to try that myself. Ok, so I LOVE Goddess Wednesday. How wonderful you are bringing your girls up in this spirit. I truly admire you!

  2. This is beautiful, thank you for sharing this. I am learning so much, your children are so blessed to have you guiding them.

  3. I had the myth of Demeter and Perspehone/Kore on my oral exam last Spring - it's a great story.

    She's also a protector of marriages :)

  4. what a beautiful post nicole, it is so lovely to read your lovely words.

  5. This post brought tears to my eyes. Lovely.


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