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Monday, November 29, 2010

Corner Of My Home - Front Parlor

Just about every room in our house has a nook for the little ones. This nook sits diagonally across from our fireplace. The front parlor is our music room, our dance room, reading room - anything you want it to be room.

I took a few snapshots after tiding up the girls Little House in the Corner. I love all these little do-dads that I have  gathered along the way - five years of setting up house for the little ones. Lucky girls, I'd say. 

I was inspired to freshen their corner a bit from this cool Mama - she wrote a great post about toys and I love her corner. And oh how I drool when I read this blog - her little nooks in her house are gorgeous. She has two very lucky girls too! It is ok for me to want and own pretty things - that is part of the beauty of life - but it is even more beautiful to love what you have.

My new mantra has progressed from "I am enough" to "We have enough - and it is beautiful.

I been also thinking about this too; My rich is your poor, my poor is your rich. After learning that there is 44,000 children in Philadelphia living in poverty - my material wants have waned quite a bit.

 So as we start to settle into winter in our new home (We have only been here  four months) I feel less pressure to have the house tied up in a little red bow and be our perfect little home. Perfection takes time - gathering is much more rewarding than filling up a home. Donnie wrote a good post about this subject - except for her is about a Christmas tree.

I am grateful for all the bloggers who inspire me. Life would be so different without you all. 



  1. I have spent all day picking out holiday gifts for loved ones and browsing all the cyber monday sales, so the line "My rich is your poor and my poor is your rich" particularly struck me. What a great reminder heading into this season...and onward.

  2. Hi Olivia, yes and onward. Last year's mantra was "The more you live without the more you live within."


    Thanks for dropping by.

    Much love, Nicole

  3. Thank you for writing this Nicole.

  4. oh, well said....really!!
    your corners look so inviting and thoughtful...I love your mantras...I remember reading "the more you live without"...during one of my first visits to your blog...I knew I wanted to return again and again:)

  5. what a lovely little corner that hugs your children while they imagine... i love warm and cozy nooks for children... our house is full of them as well... lovely post.
    light and peace

  6. Wow, lucky girls indeed. This is a beautiful play space, I'm sure your children are inspired every day. I have to admit I am a bit envious, that is not something that would last in our boy house! Like you I'm thinking a lot about using what we have and organising things so they get used more frequently, or making things from nature/craft supplies so that I don't mind when interest is only brief : )

    What a gorgeous nook, very inspiring : )

  7. Thank you Emmalina, sometimes I have to remind myself how lucky we all are - and that a pure, wood kitchen for the little ones is not going to much matter in the bigger picture of life. And I think you should have a kitchen for your boys ~ they'll love cooking up food for you. I just put a bowl of walnuts out and the girls are spinning them, counting them, sorting them - all on their own.
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Melanie -- I was so happy to see Griffin walking. Woo-hoo.

  8. We do have a kitchen and they do quite enjoy it. But tidiness doesn't last long around here! Boys definitely play differently than girls and co-ordinated games that don't involve tying the furniture to other bits of furniture are not big round here!!!!!

    I know it is nice to have all wood etc but I really think that letting the children be imaginative and giving them a space in which to play is a lovely gift : ) Your set up is beautiful, so filled with care. Perhaps when my littlest is older I'll be able to organise things nicely and expect it to last more than 5 minutes.

    I love seeing pictures of your beautiful home.

  9. I love, love, love the young ones front parlor. Thanks as always for sharing. I always love reading about what you have to say and share and i hope you continue to do so for a long while.

  10. what a fun room to play in! it's so lovely.

  11. What lovely spaces to be in! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Love the beautiful blue stove! What a lovely space!

  13. I keep a little chalkboard in my kitchen with a quote on it. I can see it from my stovetop. My current is "You make a world by what you say." I will be changing it tomorrow ot "My rich is your poor, my poor is your rich." It will give me much to ponder as I cook every day.

    Your girls are lucky indeed, not only to have such a beautiful little house area, but also a very resourceful mama.

  14. Loving all your comments - ahh a little bit of adult conversation (via keyboard) during nap time always makes my day!

    Marianna, thank you for your well wishes and prayers and concerns.

    It has been such a rough couple of weeks - thank you all.

    Both our nephew and teacher are healing.
    Love & Light, Nicole


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